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Being Green @ the Biscuit Village

We here at the Biscuit Village feel passionately that we should limit our impact on the environment in the production of our biscuits. We therefore operate a growing set of guidelines and uphold our responsibility to manage and advance our environmental policies in the future.

Environmentally friendly Packaging
Our biscuit card boxes are made with some recycled material. They are both compostable and recyclable. Our Tins are also recyclable but we have heard many recipients like to re-use our tins for other uses. We encourage this and have a lovely collection of pictures showing where our tins have ended up. (A solid stationary box or pencil case seem to be the favoured options but there are so many uses for storage. Be Creative!

Green Workplace
We use energy saving lights through-out the Biscuit Village and do not use Air Conditioning or electric heating. We let the heat from our kitchen warm the building and use an advanced fan assisted oven saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. We use sustainable forest wood to build our main cabinet and we have received extensive training on green efficiency in the work place.

Green Hygiene
We are proud to use biodegradable cleaning products to keep the Biscuit Village and our 5 Star Awarded Kitchen in a clean germ free condition.

Sustainable Ingredients
We aim to source local and organic ingredients for our various products where possible. We favour Free Range Eggs and not just for the obvious reason that it’s a far more humane way for a hen to live but also because a well nourished and happy hen who eats a more natural diet and gets to peck and cluck outdoors will produce a better tasting egg for our biscuits.

Ecological IT and Admin systems
We use low energy IT equipment where possible for our office and completely switch off all items at the end of the working day. (Screens included). We use low energy hard drives and also only print what is required to ensure your order is completed safely. Any wasted paper is then used as note paper or shredded and composted for use in our garden the following year.

Landfill Reduction
We have very little waste in the production of our biscuits. Paper packets are all recycled and empty glass jars sanitised and distributed to friends (to hopefully return one day full of their home made jam!)

Extra Biscuits
We do not waste biscuits. During trial periods or the rare occasion when a batch is not suitable for sale (normally this is when a crack has formed on the icing or the biscuit has broken in production) we ensure these biscuits are distributed to the Villagers and beyond as a free tasty treat. Nothing goes to waste, especially a biscuit.